Code of Ethics

Promoting Standards in Our Industry!

buy brand name provigil online browse around this site The International Aesthetic & Laser Association established this Code of Ethics as a guide to the members of the Association. These standards are intended to promote consumer confidence in the cosmetic laser industry by furthering the advancement of safe reliable devices and procedures and supporting honest representation of treatment efficacy.


Our members agree to:

Observe all applicable law or regulations of state, federal, and other governmental bodies, and to conduct only such treatments and services as we can perform with competence.
Maintain all devices, at each facility, in keeping with proper industry practices and safety standards and to observe all laws and safety regulations established to ensure the safety of our workers and the wellbeing and comfort of our customers.
Ensure an appropriate level of medical oversight is provided prior to the implementation of our laser or aesthetic procedures and any associated discomfort management.
Ensure our laser hair removal providers receive IALA-Approved laser training and certification prior to the operation of laser devices on customers.
Accurately state expected outcomes and permanency of results to our customers to the best of our ability.
Participate only in fair and honest promotion of our services.
Avoid untrue, or misleading statements concerning a competitor or their methods of operations.
Respond promptly to complaints by customers and settle disputes in a fair and reasonable manner.