International Aesthetic & Laser Association  

Why Join IALA?

can you buy prednisone over the counter in canada Joining a trade association is an effective way to help your business flourish. However, it is important to determine whether joining a trade association is right for your business. With this in mind, we encourage you to answer the following questions:

  1. Do you wish to learn more about our industry?
  2. Do you want to enhance the reputation of your business?
  3. Want to connect to other cosmetic providers and vendors?
  4. Are you interested in benefits like training, consulting, and more?
  5. Do you want to gain political clout and expertise? If you have answered yes to the questions listed above, joining a trade association will give your business leverage by affording you access to sound business solutions and political clout to prevent harmful legislation from threatening your business. The International Aesthetic & Laser Association is a trade association for cosmetic medical providers that can help you answer your questions and expand your business.

Learn More About IALA

IALA is seeking industry companies and experts for educational opportunities such as webinars, speaking engagements and article submissions. If you are interested, please contact us at: or (813) 676-7704.

IALA's Consulting Services


IALA provides its members with government relations advising to help them navigate through government arenas. IALA develops intelligent, strategic and highly effective messaging channels to assure that policymakers enact government regulations that are reasonable, and not used to restrict business.

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Patient Safety

IALA links its members with industry-leading laser training programs to hone their skills and promote patient safety. IALA works to assure that its members stand out from other providers with a strong reputation for patient safety. IALA members also receive discounts on training programs

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Regulatory Compliance

IALA provides you with updates on legislation impacting your business. IALA also consults with you to ensure your business remains compliant with state regulations on the cosmetic industry.

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Treatment Efficacy

Maximizing treatment efficacy is necessary to stand out from other cosmetic medical providers. IALA offers links to laser training and certification opportunities to help its members distinguish themselves as the most effective providers in our industry.

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Industry Updates

Membership Criteria

All members must have or be employed by an entity that has a licensed phypoxia  serving as a director for the cosmetic spa, laser hair removal center, or other cosmetic medical service practice.
All members must have or be employed by an entity that has an active insurance policy with a minimum of $250,000.
All members must ensure that they and/or their employee conducting cosmetic services have proper education, certification, and training, including training in laser hair removal basics and safety.
All members are expected to adhere to our code of ethics.
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